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ACCES Employment’s Women in Technology initiative receives $CDN 1 million grant from The TD Ready Challenge

Toronto, Ontario, Wed. October 24, 2018 – ACCES Employment has been named one of the ten winners of the inaugural 2018 TD Ready Challenge presented by TD Bank Group.

ACCES’s Women in Technology (WiT) initiative will work to provide immigrant women with training and employer connections to secure IT related jobs in high-growth fields such as programming and cybersecurity. WiT will extend the reach of existing ACCES programs for women including START and Empowering Women. Training will be provided by ACCES in collaboration with an academic institution and participants will connect directly with hiring employers through a range of mentoring initiatives, guest speaker events and experiential learning projects. Participants will develop essential technical and soft skills to help them achieve success.  Once they graduate, they will be given a chance to mentor and coach other learners.

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ACCES Recognizes Alumni Champions - 2018 Walk of Fame Awards

ACCES's 2018 Walk of Fame Awards recognizes the amazing contributions of our Alumni champions.  Our champions represent 9 different programs at ACCES Employment and have generously contributed their time, expertise and experience to support other newcomers to succeed in Canada.  Each of the winners have contributed in their own ways through mentoring, guest speaking, recruiting other ACCES candidates and sharing about ACCES with their employer.  Each of them are "paying it forward" and recognizes the importance of giving back to the newcomer community to ensure success for future immigrants.  Congratulations to all of the winners - you have made a world of difference!

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Practical Project Experience Opens Doors to Career Opportunities for Newcomers in Canada

Karan Dube landed in Canada with eight years of experience in Sales and Marketing and a professional focus on Project Management. Looking for an opportunity to find a job in his field, he joined the Sales and Marketing Connections program at ACCES Employment, a bridging program that supports internationally-trained professionals with entering the job market by mobilizing their experience and providing them with a Canadian context for their skills.

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ACCES Employment and RBC Announce Partnership to Help New Canadians Settle in Faster

Finding employment tops priorities for newcomers to Canada

July 18, 2018: For newcomers arriving in Canada, finding employment is amongst their top priorities with 64% ranking it in the top five*. When starting a new life in a new country, newcomers generally worry about where they’re going to live, adjusting to a new life and settling in to all of the nuances that come with immigrating. Getting a head start is the key to success – to alleviate stress and start day one in control. To help newcomers adjust to their new life, ACCES Employment and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) today announce a partnership to assist newcomers find employment.  

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ACCES Employment’s 2018 World of Difference Campaign in Support of Newcomer and Refugee Youth

ACCES Employment hosted nearly 100 guests at our 2018 World of Difference fundraising event in support of newcomer and refugee youth.  This year’s fundraising campaign will aim to raise $100,000 to support newcomer and refugee programs, events and customized services at ACCES Employment. These much needed services will help newcomer youth to overcome the numerous barriers they face when looking for work in Canada. Newcomer youth arrive in Canada with diverse backgrounds, skills sets and needs. ACCES’s youth programs are designed to meet those diverse needs.

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