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IT Connections Program & Online Services Platform

IT Connections Program & Online Services Platform

Accenture has been the proud sponsor of the IT Connections program for the past 2 years. However, their support for this program extends well beyond just sponsorship. Throughout the year, in every single IT Connections cohort, Accenture builds in a volunteer support program that brings their staff in as guest speakers, volunteers that help newcomers with mock interviews and mentors for the program participants. In early 2016, ACCES Employment was the recipient of a global grant from Accenture in the amount of $1.4M. The grant will support the development of an online services platform that will bring ACCES Employment services to a local, national and global audience.
Entrepreneurship Connections program

Entrepreneurship Connections program

The Business Development Bank of Canada has been the proud sponsor of the Entrepreneurship Connections program program for the past 3 years. ACCES first approached BDC in 2012 with an idea for the development of a program that would support newcomer entrepreneurs to bring their international business experience and new ideas to the start-up community in the Greater Toronto Area.
2016 World of Difference Campaign

2016 World of Difference Campaign

Over the last two years, Tangerine has supported ACCES Employment through their sponsorship and community investment platform, #BrightWayForward. ACCES has benefitted from Tangerine’s staff volunteer work and donation campaigns. In 2016, Tangerine was the official sponsor of our World of Difference fundraising campaign in support of Syrian newcomers.
Talk English Café program

Talk English Café program

TD Bank Financial Group is the long-standing sponsor of the Talk English Café program. This drop-in program provides the opportunity for newcomers to practice their English conversation skills in an informal setting.

Corporate Donors

Aldgate Construction
C&D Graphic
Inzola Construction Inc.
Petra Solutions Inc.
RBC Royal Bank
Rogers Computer Technology Inc.
Spearhead Development
Supreme Basics
Xerox Canada