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Customized Employment Support for Syrian Newcomers

Approximately 35,745 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada since November 4, 2015. Communities across Canada continue to welcome and support Syrians newcomers to ensure their successful settlement and integration. At ACCES Employment, our efforts began with the donations we raised through our 2016 World of Difference campaign. This support allowed us to launch into action and begin serving this group of newcomers in the GTA.

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ACCES Employment’s Empowering Women Program Alumni Event

This year ACCES launched the Empowering Women program, which is designed to assist newcomer women realize their leadership potential through an intensive 1-week program that includes leadership, work-life integration and mentoring. We have built a strong network of experts, educators, employers, sector association representatives, government, and other supporters in order to create highly effective programs that provide our clients with exceptional outcomes and success. A special networking event was held for our Empowering Women program alumni on Tuesday, December 6. This event featured executives from ACCES Employment and our key program supporters in attendance.

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ACCES Employment’s 2016 Walk of Fame Winners!

This year, in celebration of our 30th year of service, our 2016 Walk of Fame Awards will recognize 7 amazing individuals who have been long-standing partners of ACCES and are champions for the work that we do.

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ACCES Employment Launches Online Job Search Centre Providing a Virtual ‘Hub’ of Resources for Jobseekers

ACCES Employment is excited to announce the launch of a new Online Job Search Centre that will provide jobseekers with self-serve resources including webinars, articles, interactive games, and videos. The resources draw from ACCES Employment’s experience helping jobseekers and newcomers to Canada to successfully find work in the current Canadian job market.

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ACCES Employment is the First Stop on Tangerine’s “Road to #BrightWayForward” Volunteering Tour

On Friday, June 10, Tangerine visited our Toronto office with a bus full of great energy and three gifts: a team of volunteers, a generous donation, and a very special guest: Steve Nash, Canadian basketball legend and General Manager of Canada's Senior Men's National Basketball Team.

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