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Sales and Marketing Connections

Sales and Marketing Connections is designed to help internationally-trained sales and marketing professionals to succeed in the Canadian labour market. The 5 week program equips participants with training that is current and relevant to Canadian practices. This program builds on participants’ previous sales and marketing expertise by providing an orientation to the sector in Canada. The program features three training components that provide industry preparation for Sales and Marketing professionals: Digital Marketing, Project Management and Business Communication in Canada.

Program Benefits:

  • One-to-one support with an employment consultant experienced with your sector
  • Connections to employers who are hiring in your sector
  • Access to mentors who are professionals in your field
  • Invitations to attend recruitment and networking events
  • Academic training from a recognized educational institute
  • Digital Marketing training including developing social media strategies and content marketing
  • Project Management training highlighting aspects related to Sales and Marketing roles
  • Business communication and workplace culture training in a Canadian context
  • Orientation to your sector in Canada
  • Job search support and preparation
  • Coaching and support after you’re hired

Why should you choose an ACCES Employment program?

ACCES Employment programs are highly specialized, offering intensive sector-specific training designed to help new Canadians to find work in their field. Each program is offered in close consultation with leading employers and academic partners and is designed to enhance (and not duplicate) your existing education.

Our first priority is to help you find full-time, permanent employment in your field that reflects your past experience. Over 80 per cent of participants in our programs find employment in their field within one year.

ACCES programs will provide you with Canadian education and affiliate you with a reputable Canadian College or University.

Program Fees:

  • The fee for this program is $500. This fee offsets the academic portion of the program and may be eligible for full reimbursement through the Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program.
  • All books and materials are included or available on-loan to participants at no additional cost.
  • All other costs related to the program and employment services are generously funded by the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada. The fee represents a small proportion (approximately 10 per cent) of the overall cost of the program.

The Sales and Marketing Connections Program is funded by the Government of Ontario and delivered in partnership with the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

To learn more about Sales and Marketing Connections, please click here to email Robert Tortian or call us at 905.361.2522.