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Talent Connections Initiative

ACCES Employment’s Talent Connections Initiative brings together companies and internationally-trained talent through a unique workplace project experience. The initiative gives companies the opportunity to:

  • Preview potential talent by engaging with skilled internationally-trained professionals on a practical workplace project
  • Gain insights, new solutions and different perspectives on workplace projects
  • Help internationally-trained professionals to acquire valuable and practical knowledge of Canadian workplaces

Our program teams will work with you to develop the full scope of your project as well as write a project plan and goals.  Final deliverables include reports, implementation plans, a live presentation and/or other documents.  The project is delivered as an experiential learning component of ACCES Employment’s bridge training programs.  ACCES Employment’s bridging programs help internationally-trained professionals to find work in Canada that reflects their skills and experience.  They are highly successful and 82% of graduates find employment in their field within one year of graduation.

Our program participants offer valuable international experience in the following sectors:

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Supply Chain

ACCES Employment is a proud partner of Riipen, an online platform that facilitates experiential learning between students, employers and academic institutions. 

For more information, please contact Han Tran. Click here to send an email.