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Developing workplace communication skills is often a challenging undertaking for many newcomers. It takes time, effort and dedication to master English communication and language skills. By attending ACCES’s Talk English Café® and Language for Workplace Connections program, newcomers improve their English language skills, learn the art of making small talk and how to build relationships with their colleagues and managers. ACCES’s programs provide the opportunity for many newcomers to practice their communication and language skills in a relaxed setting under the direction of a qualified English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor.

Language for Workplace Connections

Language for Workplace Connections™ helps participants to develop their workplace communication skills in multiple areas.

Talk English Café

ACCES offers drop-in sessions in person and online led by an instructor where you can engage in guided discussion and conversation with other participants.

Engineering Connections: Workplace Essentials for Engineers/ELT

This is a sector-specific language program tailored to internationally-trained engineering professionals. The program supports you to enhance your knowledge of technical terminology and writing skills with a focus on the engineering sector. Participants also learn job search skills that support their entry into the engineering field, commensurate with their skills and education.