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Programs and Services

ACCES Employment offers customized programs that can help you successfully find work that reflects your skills and experience. You can review the programs that we offer below, or visit any of our locations to meet with an Employment Consultant that will help you get started. No appointment is required.

ACCES Employment provides job search services entirely free-of-charge through physical locations in the Greater Toronto Area only (Ontario, Canada).  We provide some online services to pre-arrival clients internationally who are already approved to come to Canada.

ACCES Employment can help you with your job search. Through funding from Employment Ontario, our team has the expertise that you need to get started. Employment Ontario at ACCES assists job seekers with securing sustainable employment.

Employment Services >

Through Employment Ontario, we provide services to help you throughout your job search process. These include resources and information, job search workshops, and employment counselling, as well as job matching, placement, and retention services.

To get started, visit any of our locations to meet with an Employment Consultant that will help you get started. No appointment is required.

Bridging and Sector-Specific Programs (newcomers)

ACCES Employment offers a number of sector-specific programs that support internationally-trained professionals to find work in their field that reflects their past experience. To get started, visit any of our locations to meet with an Employment Consultant that will help you get started. No appointment is required.

Each program provides you with customized sector specific training designed to orient you to your sector in Canada. We have connections to employers hiring in your sector and actively involve them in developing, delivering and recruiting from our program.

Business Connections en Français >
Cybersecurity Connections >
Destination Employment (Hospitality) >
Electrical Engineering Connections >
Engineering Connections >
Financial Services Connections >
Healthcare Connections >
Human Resources Connections >
IKEA Canada Customer Experience Training Program>
Information Technology Connections >
Leadership Connections >
Sales and Marketing Connections >
Supply Chain Connections >
Trades Connections >

Click here for dates to specific programs and workshops.

Note: If you are in the pre-arrival stage and still in your home country, we can help you to prepare for the Canadian job market through virtual employment services. Please click here to learn more about our online pre-arrival program, Canadian Employment Connections.

Job Search Workshops Program (newcomers)

Job Search Workshops (JSW) Program provides a group of newcomers with the opportunity to meet and network as they learn job search skills and gather information about the Canadian labour market, trends in various sectors and insights on Canadian workplace culture. Participants develop and practice skills such as resume preparation, cold calling employers, networking and interviewing.

Job Search Workshops Program >

The JSW program is funded by the Government of Canada.

Mentoring Programs

ACCES Employment offers a number of mentoring support programs that help connect you to professionals that will support you with your career growth and development.

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership >
Speed Mentoring® >
Speed Mentoring® en Français >
Connector Program >

Online Workshops and Resources

ACCES Employment offers online job search support through a monthly calendar of webinars and an online resource hub (e-ACCES) which includes articles, videos and other tools to help you get started.

Online Event Series >
E-ACCES (online resource hub) >

Pre-arrival Program (before arriving in Canada)

ACCES Employment provides support to job seekers who have obtained legal status to work in Canada or have been approved to immigrate to Canada.

If you have already been approved to immigrate to Canada, our pre-arrival employment program or our pre-arrival entrepreneurship program can help you prepare while you are still in your country of origin. Please see information below about our Canadian Employment Connections pre-arrival program and our Pre-Arrival Entrepeneurship Connections program. If you are considering moving to Canada and require information about the immigration process, please click here for more information.

Canadian Employment Connections >

Entrepreneurship Connections Pre-Arrival >

Programs for Women

ACCES Employment supports the success of women in the workplace through all of our programs. We recognize both the unique strengths that they offer and the barriers that they face to finding employment that reflects their education and experience. We have developed two programs that speak to the unique strengths of women to better support their future career pursuits in Canada.

START Customer Care Program >
Empowering Women >
Women in Technology Program >
Career Pathways for Newcomer Women >

Programs for Youth (ages 15-29)

ACCES Employment offers programs that help youth to get started with their careers. We recognize the importance of customizing our approach to address the unique challenges that youth face when deciding on a career path, learning about workplaces and finding the right job opportunities with good employers. The programs below support youth to find their way in the current job market and launch a meaningful career.

Youth Job Connection/Youth Job Connection Summer >
Customer Service for Newcomer Youth >

Starting a Business as a Newcomer in Canada

Newcomers often come to Canada with a wealth of business experience and are highly educated and skilled in various sectors. Our Entrepreneurship Connections® program is designed for newcomers who plan to start a business in Canada.

Entrepreneurship Connections® >

Workplace Communication and Language Programs (newcomers)

Developing workplace communication skills is often a challenging undertaking for many newcomers. It takes time, effort and dedication to master English communication and language skills. ACCES’s programs provide the opportunity for many newcomers to practice their communication and language skills in a relaxed setting under the direction of a qualified English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor.

Talk English Café >

Customer Experience Language Training with IKEA Canada >