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Language for Leadership

Develops persuasion, positive language and active listening


Designed for professionals with English as a first or second language, this course develops practical skills for constructively contributing to team dynamics and client interactions. Participants learn powerful phrases that inspire and motivate others by communicating respect. Highlighted are three strategic skills: Persuasion, Positive Language and Effective Listening. An engaging small-group setting enables participants to develop and apply new skills through discussions, presentations and work-related role-play activities. For a small fee, supplementary online exercises are available.


This training provides powerful communication tools for Persuasion, Positive Language and Effective Listening, enabling participants to:

  • Negotiate shared solutions to create a harmonious work environment and to navigate challenging situations
  • Establish credibility by finding common ground, highlighting consistency and other strategies
  • Demonstrate commitment to a solution by reframing difficulties into opportunities
  • Describe work-related issues in a clear, concise way, taking into account the perspectives of colleagues and clients
  • Paraphrase, clarify, reflect and empathize to ensure understanding and to encourage others to express their ideas fully
  • Summarize to review progress and to establish a basis for further discussion

Note: For participants with English as a second language, this course also targets pronunciation topics