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Diversity and Equity Policy

  • ACCES is committed to respecting the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family.
  • ACCES is committed to the removal of social barriers that hinder historically disadvantaged groups of people from fully developing themselves and participating in Canadian society, and to the active building of an environment that promotes and nurtures their growth and social participation.
  • ACCES is committed to respecting individual differences and fair treatment, to promotion of workplace inclusiveness and openness, and to the creation of an environment that optimizes people‚Äôs contributions to society.
  • ACCES is committed to fair representation of women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and racial minority members in the organization.
  • ACCES is committed to reasonable accommodation so that individuals can fully access, participate in and contribute to all aspects of the organization.
  • ACCES is committed to the development and implementation of organizational policies, programs, projects and practices that reflect the spirit of this diversity and equity policy statement.