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Sounds of English

Develops clear pronunciation and melodious speech


Designed for individuals who speak English as a second language, this course develops clear, melodious speech patterns. Accurate enunciation is highlighted, with a focus on the mouth positions and airflow patterns of Canadian English vowel and consonant sounds. Melodic patterns and voice dynamics are also addressed, with attention to rhythm, stress, intonation, linking, phrasing, rate of speech and voice projection. The effectiveness of this group training is enhanced by detailed individual diagnostic assessments and by supplementary home-study using course audio materials and equipment.


This comprehensive training enables participants to:

  • Enunciate Canadian English vowel and consonant sounds clearly in words and sentences
  • Pronounce words using accurate syllable stress
  • Improve speech flow with attention to linking, sense grouping and sentence rhythm
  • Enhance listener connection with effective intonation and tone of voice
  • Speak at a comfortable speed
  • Speak with confidence using appropriate volume, voice quality and projection

Note: This course requires three additional hours per week of self-study using course audio materials and equipment.