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Speaking Strategies

Develops verbal skills needed by technical team members


Designed for technical professionals with English as a second language, this course develops speaking skills needed for greater productivity at work. Within the context of job-related scenarios, participants learn communication techniques for developing good working relationships, organizing and presenting information and performing project tasks. This training also increases awareness of cultural variations in workplace communication and enhances spoken vocabulary, pronunciation and confidence.


This dynamic training enables participants to:

  • Create rapport using small talk and effective conversational "give and take"
  • Enhance team relations by expressing encouragement, appreciation, suggestions and various types of questions
  • Use appropriate structures and language when organizing ideas and information
  • Present information to suit specific audiences, settings and purposes
  • Accomplish communication objectives using appropriate phrases
  • Accommodate cultural variations in workplace relationships and communication strategies
  • Improve pronunciation and tone of voice
  • Expand use of business vocabulary and idioms