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Speaking to Groups

Develops speaking skills for meetings and presentations


Designed for individuals with English as a first or second language, this course develops effective speaking skills for meetings and presentations. Participants learn to organize and present ideas confidently using various presentation styles and strategies.  This training develops the clear enunciation, key phrases, voice dynamics, non-verbal skills and cultural awareness that enhance audience connection and interaction.  Each session includes group discussions or mini-presentations, some of which will be video-recorded.


This hands-on training enables participants to:

  • Prepare for a range of presentations using various organizational strategies that follow a North American linear style
  • Speak concisely on a topic while including the level of detail appropriate for a given audience
  • Capture, maintain and redirect audience attention using stylistic devices such as repetition, focus words, question words, "hooks" and "zingers"
  • Manage discussion flow using key phrases
  • Troubleshoot pronunciation of challenging sounds and words used in presentations and discussions
  • Add speaking impact using dynamic patterns of rhythm, stress, intonation, phrasing, pausing, volume, voice quality, rate of speech and non-verbal communication
  • Increase awareness of variations in individual and cultural communication style