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  • AzfarZaheer compress headshot
    Azfar Zaheer arrived in Canada with the intention to continue his work in credit management in commercial lending. He was introduced to ACCES Employment through one of his contacts who worked at a local bank. He was referred to the Financial Services Connections program. With help from the team at ACCES, Azfar was able to target his job search and connect with the companies he aspired to work with. After a short contract at a small Canadian bank, Azfar began his current position as a Senior Credit Analyst with Duca Financial Services Credit Union Ltd.
  • Fenny Chen
    Fenny Chen came to Canada with more than 11 years of experience as a financial analyst. She emigrated from China knowing that Canada had something to offer her both professionally and personally. Fenny came to ACCES Employment because she was struggling with her job search. She knew she was qualified for the jobs she was applying for, but was not receiving calls for interviews. Through Employment Ontario, Fenny’s Employment Consultant guided her through the job search process, refined her resume and helped her to prepare for her interview. Fenny is now a Financial Analyst with Wincor Nixdorf Canada Inc.
  • Phipps Nobel
    Nobel Phipps came to Canada from the Dominican Republic with more than 13 years of experience working in Information Technology (IT). Having learned about ACCES Employment before arriving in Canada, he knew this was a good place to start. Nobel Phipps completed the IT Connections program and ACCES equipped him with the tools he needed to find a job in Canada. After completing the program, he is now employed as an IT professional with Deloitte Canada. Nobel advises other newcomers that, “ACCES will give you everything you need to get started with your job search!”
  • Acces Maha al Amin
    Maha Al Amin made a tough decision to come to Canada. She left behind a successful career in Qatar. Maha came to ACCES Employment to seek help with finding employment in her area of expertise, human resources. She attended the Human Resources Connections program and was given the opportunity to attend a number of Speed Mentoring® events with several major banks in Canada. She ended up receiving multiple job offers as a result of these networking opportunities. Maha is now a Senior Advisor, Talent Acquisition at BMO Financial Group.
  • Smith Everol
    Everol Smith, an engineer by profession, came to Canada with more than 20 years of experience. Soon after coming to ACCES, Everol began the Engineering Connections program, where he was able to gain insight into the job market and his industry. ACCES served as a place of learning, but also as a support system for him. He greatly appreciated the opportunity to connect with other engineers. Everol is now a Supervisor, Control Centre, at Toronto Hydro-Electric Systems Limited.
  • DaCosta Eliana
    Eliana Da Costa received the tools and confidence that she needed through the Sales and Marketing Connections program at ACCES. For her, the program was an important reminder that she had excellent skills, despite feeling vulnerable and insecure about being in a new country. She received an orientation to sales and marketing in Canada and support with refining her resume and practicing for interviews. After completing the program, Eliana secured a role as a General Manager at Fastenal.