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Volunteering at ACCES

ACCES Employment relies on the advice and insight of sector experts who regularly volunteer with our programs to support and prepare our clients for the Canadian workplace. ACCES can customize opportunities to welcome you or your corporate team.

In 2014-2015, we worked with over 800 volunteers and mentors. The model of volunteering and mentoring at ACCES aims to create as many direct interactions between our job seekers and working professionals. This is the most important use of volunteer time and effort, and is of greatest benefit to the future success of our job seekers.

Below are some ways you can volunteer with ACCES.

Join ACCES Board

Our Board of Director’s People Committee is currently seeking 2 volunteers to join our Board of Directors, starting on a 3-year term. We encourage executive leaders with backgrounds in public policy and the not for profit sector to apply for this position.

Click here to learn more about this voluntary position.

Speed Mentoring®

Newcomers to Canada face a number of challenges including the lack of a professional network. ACCES Employment’s Speed Mentoring® program is an innovative solution that creates the opportunity for new Canadians to meet face-to-face with professionals in their sector. Mentoring new Canadians can be a rewarding volunteer experience and a great team-building exercise. Events can be organized to accommodate any number of participants and professional backgrounds.

Click here to contact Layla Harrison to learn more about the program or book an event for your team.

Guest Speaking

Hearing from working professionals in their sector is a valuable experience for newcomers. Volunteer guest speakers are able to give job seekers insight into firsthand experiences in the sector. They often share their career path, emerging trends, and recruitment information about their employer or with other businesses they are connected with. This is powerful insight for a job seeker new to the Canadian workplace.

Virtual Volunteering

Virtual volunteering connects newcomers with working professionals from across Canada. This is a great volunteering option for those who have limited time or are unable to travel to events in the GTA. As a virtual volunteer, your expertise will positively impact our job seekers both locally and from around the world. Virtual volunteer opportunities may include any of the following:

  • Delivering job search related webinars (20-30 minutes on a topic of your choice)
  • Employer panels/Q&A sessions via video conference
  • Career information sessions
  • Twitter chats (topics TBD)
  • Virtual mock interviews
  • Virtual Speed Mentoring® sessions (team of 6+ members required)

Click here to contact Sonia Siddiqi to learn more about becoming a guest speaker for our Online Webinars or Workshops.

Support Newcomer Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurship Connections program assists new Canadians in launching businesses in Canada. As part of the program, participants are matched with established entrepreneurs to assist them in navigating the local entrepreneur landscape.

Mentor with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

This is a great opportunity for mentors looking to make a lasting impression on the lives of new Canadians. Mentors commit to a total of 18 hours over three months. Meetings can be in person, online, over the phone and can include referrals for information interviews. Mentors must have worked in their field for at least two years in Canada and have a combination of industry knowledge and business experience.

Click here to contact Vibha Vohra-Bhalla to learn more.