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Women in the Workplace

The increasing presence of women in the Canadian labour market, including in leadership roles has changed the way that workplaces operate. Many workplaces have renewed approaches to encouraging productivity, and to the management of teams and staff. In this way, women are transforming the workplace not only for themselves, but for men and the next generation of young professionals entering the workforce.

ACCES Employment supports the success of women in the workplace through all of our programs. We recognize both the unique strengths that they offer and the barriers that they face to finding employment that reflects their education and experience. We have developed two programs that speak to the unique strengths of women to better support their future career pursuits in Canada.

START Customer Care Program
The START program is designed to support immigrant women with pursuing careers in the customer care sector in Canada. This nine-week program provides participants with industry-recognized certifications, computer training, job search support and coaching.

Empowering Women
This one-week intensive program focuses on supporting newcomer women to be successful in their careers. Empowering Women will provide you with the skills and confidence to become a leader in your sector through customized workshops, coaching, and mentorship.

Women in Technology 
This program helps newcomer women to start a career in IT by building essential technology skills in areas like programming, coding and cybersecurity.