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Writing for Results

Develops business and technical writing skills


Designed for individuals with English as a first or second language, this practical course develops effective business/technical writing skills with emphasis on style, format, organization, word choice, grammar and punctuation. Participants develop a reader-focused, results-oriented approach to writing as they practise crafting various types of documents required on the job. With expert guidance and group feedback, this hands-on training enables participants to write with clarity and impact.


This dynamic training enables participants to:

  • Plan, draft and revise documents with greater ease by utilizing an effective writing process
  • Adapt writing to suit a specific purpose, audience, context and topic
  • Create clear, well-structured sentences and paragraphs
  • Design documents that are visually appealing and easy to read
  • Communicate strategically, using key phrases to guide the reader
  • Use an appropriate, professional level of vocabulary
  • Write with flair, using such stylistic features as parallel structure, cohesion and positive language
  • Identify and edit errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation