Securing Employment

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Understand the purpose of an interview, the structure of an interview, the types of interviews, the different interview questions, and what to do before, during and after an interview.

Use AI to Create an Impactful Resume – with IBM SkillsBuild

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Learn to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop your resume and leverage the traits employers look for that can power up your job search and overcome applicant tracking systems that may hinder your job search.

Learning Objectives:

- Determine the goals of your resume
-Understand AI language models
-Write effective resume specific ChatGPT prompts
-Fine-tune your resume

Join us in creating your resume and gain access to hundreds of free courses and certificates. 

Interview Skills Workshop using ChatGPT – with IBM SkillsBuild

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This workshop includes an interactive presentation involving practical application of interviewing skills. You will learn to identify what employers look for while interviewing you, and how to target your responses to the job description. You will also receive some tips that will help you before, during, and after your interview.

Learning Objectives:

- Review the company and the job before interviewing
- Plan to answer three tough questions using AI tools
- Practice answering common questions
- Plan your interview day
- Follow-up after your interview

Join us in preparing for your interview and gain access to hundreds of free courses and certificates. 

Workshop: Interview Skills

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In this interactive workshop, you’ll discover helpful tips for acing your next telephone, in-person, or video conference interview. Through hands-on practice activities, you’ll explore how to effectively prepare for your interview, answer the toughest interview questions, and follow up. Leave feeling confident and ready to show employers why they should hire you! 

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