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Language Skills Workshop Oct 18, 2021
Talk English Café
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Information Session Oct 19, 2021
Info Session: Leadership Connections Program
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Information Session Oct 19, 2021
Info Session: Trades Connections Program
Specific Workshops & Events


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Infographic: 6 Tips for Your Next Interview
Practicing your interview skills will allow you to feel more at ease during the interview process and increase your chances of impressing recruiters.
Webinar: Professional Networking Tactics for Success
Discover tips for developing an attention-grabbing elevator pitch and create a custom strategy for in-person and online networking.
Webinar: Honest Advice to Help You Land and Grow a Career in Canada
Scott Webster speaks about how to attract opportunities and connect with local employers.
How to Use the ‘Right’ Words on Your Resume
A key element to writing a good resume is knowing how to use the ‘right’ words to highlight your skills and experience and get noticed.
Webinar: How to Ace a Job Interview
Your resume helps you get in the door, but it doesn’t get you the job. You make that happen during the interview!
Infographic: 5 Tips for a Successful Coffee Chat
Coffee chats are a great way to gain inside knowledge about companies and roles you are interested in and expand your network.
Webinar: Positivity in a Professional Environment
Discover effective strategies for communication, resiliency and building a memorable personal brand.
Infographic: 10 Resources for Newcomers to Canada
Moving to a new country can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Here are 10 resources to ease the transition for newcomers to Canada.