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How to Turn Networking Contacts into Meaningful Relationships
Here are some ways to turn your networking contacts, whether virtual or in-person, into meaningful connections.
Enhance Your Job Search During the Holidays
There are some good reasons to continue your job search throughout the holiday season and improve your chances of starting the new year with a new job, and we want to give you some smart ways to go about it.
Infographic: 6 Tips for Your Next Interview
Practicing your interview skills will allow you to feel more at ease during the interview process and increase your chances of impressing recruiters.
Webinar: What Do You Need to Know to Buy your First Home in Canada?
Learn what you need to know to buy your first home in Canada.
Webinar: Honest Advice to Help You Land and Grow a Career in Canada
Scott Webster speaks about how to attract opportunities and connect with local employers.
How to Use the ‘Right’ Words on Your Resume
A key element to writing a good resume is knowing how to use the ‘right’ words to highlight your skills and experience and get noticed.
Webinar: How to Ace a Job Interview
Your resume helps you get in the door, but it doesn’t get you the job. You make that happen during the interview!
Infographic: 5 Tips for a Successful Coffee Chat
Coffee chats are a great way to gain inside knowledge about companies and roles you are interested in and expand your network.