Arun Teja Aryasomayajula

With a master’s degree in construction management, Arun Teja Aryasomayajula left his position as a senior planning engineer in India to come to Canada in July 2020. Arun came here in search of a better life, seeking to improve his standard of living and achieve a healthier work-life balance.  

A highly educated engineer with experience in mass transit projects, Arun focused his job search on the construction industry, hoping to work as a project scheduler for infrastructure projects, an area which aligns with his existing transit expertise. Although highly qualified, Arun soon realized that he lacked the necessary professional network within Canada.  

A friend and recent alum recommended the ACCES Employment Engineering Connections program, which helps internationally trained engineering professionals succeed in the Canadian labour market.  

Arun attributes his success to the program’s resume and cover letter guidance as well as the educational sessions around Canadian engineering codes and standards, workplace communication and using LinkedIn.  

“I learned that LinkedIn is a powerful tool, [and other newcomers should] take the time to be active on LinkedIn and post relevant content that speaks to the targeted roles they’re seeking.”  

This new-found knowledge helped Arun develop valuable job search skills and ultimately overcome the barriers he faced to employment here in Canada. In just four short months Arun secured a role as a Claims Scheduler at one of Canada’s oldest and largest construction firms.  

“I am excited to be part of a great organization where I can work on prestigious projects that are in line with the transit experience I have,” Arun says. 

Pleased to secure work within his area of expertise, Arun plans to get accustomed to working at Dufferin Construction before taking on more responsibility. He hopes to work his way up in the company and eventually become a Project Manager.  

“The advice I would give other newcomers, is the first thing to do is to join ACCES Employment as the structure of the course is tailored such that it matches every job seeker needs.” 

Arun Teja Aryasomayajula
Claims Scheduler, Dufferin Construction
Engineering Connections Alum

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