Mujeebudeen Moulana

Mujeebudeen Moulana came to Canada and worked for 9 years as a Building Superintendent but was laid off in March, 2018. This was a stressful time because Mujeebudeen was married, with a family, and was the only ‘breadwinner’. He is thankful to have been supported by Employment Insurance and, subsequently, the Ontario Works programs. From there he was referred to ACCES and the Second Career Program, one option among many others under the Employment Ontario umbrella and launched by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development. The program is designed to support laid-off, unemployed individuals who need skills training to help them find employment in occupations with good job prospects in Ontario.

From the beginning of his training in Second Career at ACCES, Mujeebudeen was open to new ideas, willing to re-skill and re-train himself, and eager to complete all of the components of the Second Career program. He is very appreciative of the support of ACCES and the province of Ontario for the new opportunity to build a career for himself and to support his family.

Currently, Mujeebudeen is in Second Career training to be a Network Specialist at NetPlus College of Information Technology. Thanks to the support he’s received from ACCES and the Ministry programs in Ontario, Mujeebudeen looks forward to a future filled with potential. He continues to stay in touch with his ACCES employment consultant and emphasizes that his training is going really well.

“I am enjoying the ACCES program very much and I am looking forward to my next class with anticipation. The teachers are very professional and helpful, always taking time to answer all questions. I’m sure I will graduate when the course ends and begin my new career with the skills I need to succeed.”

Mujeebudeen Moulana
ACCES Employment Second Career Client

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