Akash Adhvaryu

Akash Adhvaryu came to Canada from India in February 2020 seeking better work opportunities and an improved quality of life. With an M.B.A in marketing and experience working within the consumer goods industry with high profile companies like P&G in India and across the Middle East, Akash set his sights on a related position in Canada.

Akash arrived in Canada as the global pandemic struck and found it challenging to find a suitable position that matched his public relations (PR) experience . He soon found that Canadian resume styles, job search techniques, and interviews were very different than what he was used to. His biggest challenge, though, was a lack of Canadian experience. He learned about ACCES Employment and enrolled in the Job Search Workshops (JSW) Program, which provides newcomers with networking and mentoring opportunities as well as job search education. Akash found the resume writing, job search, and interview skills workshops extremely helpful, as well as the mentorship and networking opportunities.

“The mentors at ACCES employment helped me upgrade my resume to Canadian standards. As a result, I ended up getting many interviews which made me feel more confident,” he says. “The most amazing part of the program is that you get to network a lot with industry experts and fellow newcomers to Canada. You learn from each other’s experiences and that gives you confidence during your job search.” 

Akash found an amazing position as Brand Manager at ACI Brands, where his ambition and passion can flourish. He plans to work his way up the management ladder as he continues to gain relevant experience within the company. His advice for other newcomers is to have patience and confidence in your experience and knowledge. “Do not lose hope,” he advises.

“Keep applying to relevant job postings with a tailored resume. Do a lot of networking and use LinkedIn to connect with professionals in your industry,” he says. “If you are confident in your abilities and able to showcase them during the interview then you’ll succeed and land an amazing job in Canada.”

Akash Adhvaryu
Brand Manager, ACI Brands
ACCES Job Search Workshops alum

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