Annayah Jean (AJ) Fernandez Rivera

Annayah Jean (AJ) Fernandez Rivera


Annayah Jean (AJ) Fernandez Rivera is a managing director at Accenture, based in Toronto. AJ has been with Accenture for 25 years and currently leads technology sales and delivery for the Products client group. Her day-to-day involves working with clients to identify and implement ways that technology can transform their businesses into becoming high performance enterprises. This could range from strategizing on full-scale digital transformation, to deploying teams to deliver efficiencies, to honing in on where an organization’s most impactful insights are and developing ways to analyze and extract value in data. She has worked in Asia, Europe, and North America performing both delivery and sales roles. To date, AJ has helped grow Accenture’s Technology business across various Fortune 500 companies.

AJ is passionate about giving back to the community. She led the partnership of Accenture and Pasarelle Numerique’s CSR initiative where Accenture provided $1.2M for a 3-year education program.  The partnership’s goal is to provides access to IT education for the most underprivileged youth of the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

In addition, AJ is the executive sponsor of Accenture Canada’s PRIDE ERG, the co-executive sponsor for Women in Technology, and the Accenture Canada Technology D&I lead. In these various diversity roles, AJ works with Accenture leaders to make Accenture the best place to work where people can bring their authentic selves.

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