Olatubosun Aderibigbe

Olatubosun Aderibigbe

Olatubosun Aderibigbe arrived in Canada in June of 2019. Originally hailing from Nigeria, Olatubosun possessed a Master’s in Business Administration with professional experience in Logistics and Distribution. His career aspirations upon arriving at ACCES were to secure a supervisory positon in his field.

Olatubosun recognized several barriers to employment in Canada including what he perceived as a strong preference for Canadian education and a lack of trust among certain employers. ACCES staff endeavoured to help him overcome these barriers and connect him with our employer partners open to hiring foreign skilled workers. Through ACCES’s Supply Chain Connections program, Olatubosun received one-to-one support and was able to access mentors in the supply chain sector. This helped orient him to the logistics industry in Canada to help him effectively leverage his skills and his experience.


“ACCES helped me align, and arrange my education, work history and project my marketable skills to a Canadian standard. They also helped me develop the soft skills required to succeed in the workplace.”

Through networking and the professional connections he made at ACCES, Olatuboson was able to secure employment as a Team Leader with Ryder Supply Chain Solutions. ACCES continues to support him in his workplace to help him with career development and advancement. Olatubosun reflects on his ACCES experience:


 “ACCES Employment Supply Chain Solutions was really helpful in settling into Canada, thoroughly pointing the way to go, how to get things done in my job search, tailoring my resume, establishing connections online, everywhere, and inviting supply chain mentors & leaders to meet to share insights and offer support from their very own similar stories and journeys.”

Olatubosun Aderibigbe
Team Leader, Ryder Supply Chain Solutions
ACCES Employment Supply Chain Connections Alumni

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