RBC Webinar – Budgeting Basics

In this webinar, our guest speakers will show you how to create and fill in your own budget, so you will better understand what your financial situation looks like today. Our aim is to help you get comfortable with your budget, to use your budget as a tool to achieve your financial goals.

RBC Webinar – Job Search 101 & RBC Hiring Process

Join us for an information session with speakers from the RBC’s East Toronto Newcomer Specialist Team. Our guest speakers will share key insights on the following topics:
• Job Search Strategies
• Resume Best Practice
• The Importance of Networking
• Interview Best Practice
• RBC’s Recruitment Process

RBC Webinar – Understanding Credit

Join us for an information session with speakers from the RBC’s East Toronto Newcomer Specialist Team. Learn all about credit and why it matters.

Topics include:
• Defining credit
• Three most popular types of credit in Canada
• Why is a credit report important?
• What makes up your credit score?
• Building good credit with good credit habits

RBC Webinar – Rent vs. Buy

There are several differences between renting and owning property. Buying your first home marks a key milestone in life that represents both an emotional and a financial journey. Find out what’s best for you as we highlight key differences between the two, like what landlords looks for and knowing how much you can afford.

LinkedIn 101 Workshop – with IBM SkillsBuild

Join us in this interactive workshop to learn how to utilize LinkedIn for your job search journey . You will learn strategies for targeting your LinkedIn profile, forming connections, keeping your account active, and reaching out to employers.

Learning Objectives:

• Target your LinkedIn profile to reach employers

• Connect with professionals in your field for informational interviews

• Reach out to employers and recruiters

Use AI to Create an Impactful Resume – with IBM SkillsBuild

Learn to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop your resume and leverage the traits employers look for that can power up your job search and overcome applicant tracking systems (ATS) challenges.

Learning Objectives:
• Determine the goals of your resume
• Understand AI language models
• Write effective resume specific ChatGPT prompts

Interview Skills Workshop using ChatGPT – with IBM SkillsBuild

This workshop includes an interactive presentation involving practical application of interviewing skills. You will learn strategies for interview answers and how to target
your responses to the job description.
Learning Objectives:
• Review the company and the job before interviewing
• Practice answering common questions
• Follow-up after your interview

Find a Job as a Newcomer to Canada – IBM SkillsBuild Workshop

Join us in this interactive workshop to learn how to plan and adapt your job search to the Canadian market, make connections, create a Canadian Style resume, and learn Canadian workplace culture.

Learning Objectives:

Learn the differences in a Canadian Style Resume.

Utilize tools for job search and networking in Canada.

Gain an insight into Canadian workplace culture.

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