Agnes Kumar

Agnes Kumar arrived in Canada from India in May of 2019. With a background in money market and financial services, as well as a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Business Administration, Agnes was hoping to use her skills and experience to find a role as a Business Analyst in Canada. Agnes understood that her barriers to employment included having to first settle her family, learning how to target the right opportunities, developing a resume to suit the Canadian market, improving her interview skills and then having to build her professional network and connections.


“Through this program, I connected with other immigrants who came before us to ACCES and who are now successfully placed. We were able to network and make connections, which helped me gain a better understanding of Canadian Workplace practices and culture.”

Agnes conducted her job search prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, she was able to secure a role with RBC’s Investor and Treasury Services as a Consulting Business Analyst. She was hired in June of 2020. Agnes credits the Leadership Connections program with helping build her confidence and prepare her for interviews.


“I was very worried when joining the program that I would never find a job in Canada. The ACCES staff encouraged and motivated me and helped to build my confidence which definitely reflects in the way I perform in interviews. I was able to land two roles and chose the one that I liked.”

Agnes Kumar
Consulting Business Analyst, RBC
ACCES Employment Alum

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