Azhari Mohamed

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Azhari’s goal was to land a Project Management or IT Operations Management role within the Canadian IT sector. However, even with his impressive background, which includes a Bachelor of Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology, Azhari knew he needed to work on his soft skills, develop a better understanding of the Canadian system and build a professional network. Azhari heard about ACCES Employment from a couple of his friends and decided to enroll in the IT Connections program. Reflecting on his time with ACCES, Azhari explains it was exactly what he was looking for:

“ACCES provided the platform for understanding the employment system in Canada. ACCES inspired confidence, they created trust. The IT Connections program helped me with my soft skills and, in particular, I learned how to handle myself in different types of interviews.”

In addition to improving his soft skills, Azhari also learned that building a professional network in Canada is critical to success.

“Participating in Speed Mentoring® sessions at ACCES gave me the opportunity to meet with people I might not normally be able to engage with. I met with Directors, Vice Presidents, and Presidents. It enabled me to build my network very quickly and led directly to me getting two quality job offers.”

Azhari now works as a Technical Project Manager with EllisDon, a world-leading construction and building services company that completes in excess of $4 billion worth of contracts annually, in every market sector and across the globe. Azhari expresses his gratitude for the turn his life has taken in Canada and he is now in a position to give back. He is a mentor to others within the IT Connections Program and often returns to the program as a Guest Speaker.

“I still see myself as part of the ACCES clientele. And, when I speak to other newcomers, I feel like it is a kind of celebration of my own success, as well as their future success.”

Azhari Mohamed
Technical Project Manager, Enterprise Intelligence, EllisDon
ACCES Employment Information Technology Connections Alum

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