Traditionally, people who held leadership roles were task-focused and required skills that emphasize tracking and monitoring. While these skills are still valued, modern or transformative leadership also emphasizes team building, innovation and change management. As a woman, you have many of these unique leadership qualities that are highly valued in today’s workplace.

Transformational leaders are:

  • Collaborative and Inclusive. Being collaborative and inclusive involves building trusting relationships to work effectively with colleagues to maximize their strengths, unique skills and talents.
  • Strategic Thinkers. A transformational leader makes strategic decisions that allow for future growth, forward-thinking approaches and development.
  • Adaptive to Change. Transformational leaders are flexible and adaptive to changing work environments, relationships and other factors. Adapting to these changing circumstances allows leaders to create solutions that address complex situations.

Effective Communication Techniques

Transformative leadership also requires highly effective communication skills, which allow you to share your knowledge, garner support and work efficiently with colleagues.

Here are three effective communication tips to help advance your leadership skills.

  • Do your Research. Always do your research in advance so that you can support your knowledge with examples and facts and are able to make informed decisions based on both your opinions and the evidence.
  • Engage your Colleagues. Be approachable and attentive, ask questions to lead the conversation and encourage colleagues to share their perspectives and opinions on work-related items. Communicating is as much about listening as it is about conveying your position and garnering support.
  • Use Small Talk to Initiate Conversations. Small talk is an easy way to get to know someone and helps to build a solid working relationship. It helps develop rapport and trust and ensures that others are always involved in the decision-making process.