JobWith the holidays fast approaching, many job seekers believe it is pointless to continue their job search throughout December and until the end of the year—and that’s understandable. Many people need the ‘break’ when holidays arrive. However, there are some good reasons to continue your job search throughout the holiday season and improve your chances of starting the new year with a new job, and we want to give you some smart ways to go about it.Organizations Continue to HireWhen organizations identify a necessary role, they often move forward no matter the time of year. Some companies may even move more quickly through the hiring process to fill a role by the end of the year. As the saying goes, “business never stops,” so neither should your job search.Standing OutWhile some people slow down their job search during the holiday season, sticking to it makes it easier to stand out from the crowd. Fewer applications for vacant positions means more opportunity to get the attention of the HR team and hiring managers. A big component of looking for a job is how you compare to others in your field. Enhancing your search and pushing your profile during the holidays will put you ahead of the competition.Free TimeThe holidays are a good time to relax and enjoy moments with your loved ones. You can also make those extra days off more productive by setting aside time to search job boards, improve your resume, write cover letters, and research the industries and companies that interest you. So, now that we know the holidays are a good time to ramp up your job search, what are some of the most effective ways to start?NetworkingProfessional networking is a critical element in your job search at any time of year, but the holiday season is the perfect time to re-connect with your network. You have a good reason to reach out to your connections to wish them well for season, check in with them on how their business is going, and discover if there are any opportunities for you. Suzana Belan, Director of Services and Community Engagement for York Region at ACCES, explains how networking is a matter of “bringing your genuine interest and your genuine self to a relationship. Good networking is showing your connections you are interested in their success and that you care about them. The holidays are a good time to demonstrate this.”Reinvent YourselfUse holiday time to re-invent yourself. Think about how you can re-brand your resume and your profile to create more opportunities. Update your LinkedIn profile, overhaul your resume and cover letter, and think about how you can build on your job search strategies.Seeking Job Search SupportFinding a meaningful, fulfilling role is not easy. Look for support through some of the services that are available to you. ACCES Employment, for example, helps job seekers with advice, developing job-ready skills, and training or retraining for career success. ACCES leverages strong relationships with over 2800 employers to help you find the role that will suit you and lead to career growth and development. Follow these simple tips to enhance your job search during the holidays and you may end up giving yourself the gift of an exciting new role.