There comes a critical moment in everyone’s job search—a moment that makes you stop and question everything you’ve ever done. It’s that moment when you’ve prepared your resume, submitted it for your dream job and, instead of having to field multiple calls for interviews, you get nothing. You wait and you wait, but there’s not a single word from any of the employers you contacted. The clock ticks and the silence grows louder and longer. You hear absolutely nothing for days, weeks, or maybe even months.

There is likely something that you’re missing in your resume. Your resume’s importance cannot be overstated; a lackluster, carbon-copy resume won’t help you get hired. Your resume is your first impression, your personal sales pitch. Your resume is what gets you the interview, and the interview is what ultimately gets you the job. Without an impactful, powerhouse resume, it’s nearly impossible to move forward in your job search. But where should you get started?

The Strategy

Using a resume template is an excellent way to start your journey to job search success. Not only do templates help you move fast and be efficient while job searching, they also help you with the formatting conventions, overall organization, and eye-catching content that employers want to see when they’re sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of applications.

A template is just that—a template. It’s up you to choose whatever template you need to make the final product your own. Your resume should be as unique as you are. Even though you’re using a template, you don’t want it to end up looking and sounding like everyone else’s. If it does, how can it possibly stand out? Use the template for inspiration and look for clues as how to you can use formatting, organization, and content to show the employer that you have what they want, and you have what it takes to do the job, and can do even more than they’re asking for. Thoughtful and strategic use of a resume template can help you find job search success.

For More

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