Tailoring your resume for each job may seem like a lot of work but it’s an important step in the application process. The employers reviewing your resume need to quickly see whether you are a good fit and have the required skills, experience and qualifications for the specific role and industry. By tailoring your resume, you increase your chances of standing out from other candidates.

To tailor your resume, start with a master copy. This is the resume you create that is designed to attract all types of jobs. Then follow these three steps to adapt it to reflect the specific job posting.

Review the Job Posting

Identify the key skills, experience and personal characteristics listed in the job posting and include those keywords in your resume. An computer rather than a person is likely scanning your resume to capture matching keywords. By including appropriate language to match the job description, your resume is more likely to move on to the next phase.

Research the Company

Study the company you’re applying to and know a little about its history, mission, values, management, structure, products, services, clients and partners.

Customize your Resume

Once you’ve identified the keywords and completed your research, highlight the ways in which your background and experience match those findings in each section of your resume.


  • Use keywords that match the posting.

Experience Profile/Summary:

  • Adjust to highlight areas where your background closely matches the posting.

Work Experience:

  • Revise to highlight the most relevant jobs and most relevant duties and responsibilities.
  • Include relevant statements about your accomplishments in previous jobs and quantify them, if possible.
  • Add any internships and volunteer work that demonstrates your acquired practical knowledge in Canada.


  • Indicate any education and training that meets or exceeds the job requirements.
  • Include Canadian equivalency evaluation results.
  • Add any additional professional training relevant to the job requirements.

Professional Certifications, Licenses:

  • Include any professional certifications or licenses relevant to the position.
  • Indicate whether you have applied for any Canadian licenses or certifications, as well as the status of the applications.

Other Relevant Qualifications:

  • Adjust to highlight skills, training, languages or any other information that is relevant to the position or company.

Tailoring your resume every time you apply for a job may take some time but is an exercise that is well worth your time. Your resume is your first impression; make sure it is a positive one!