Finding the right balance between work and life can often feel like a challenge. Today’s technology makes us accessible almost around the clock and the fear of job loss incentivizes many people to work longer and longer hours. And for many women, it can be even more challenging. Women tend to wear many hats by giving as much time (if not more) to their family and friends as they do to work, making finding that balance even more difficult.Women, in general, are givers — they want to nurture the loved ones in their lives to the point that they over-extend themselves. Women often put everyone and everything —children, partners, friends, work — before themselves.“We are so nurturing that we tend to over extend ourselves and then we’re tapped out before we’ve even done anything for ourselves,” says Cindy Roemer, a neurolinguistic programing coach and trainer and a hypnotherapy trainer. “When we give our all to friends, family and work, we empty our cup and it’s important to find that balance in order to fill it back up.”Giving to others is important, but it shouldn’t be to your detriment. Cindy offers three pieces of advice to help women, specifically, find the work-life balance they need.1) Set Boundaries. It can seem difficult to set and stick to boundaries when so many others are placing demands on your time and mental energy, but it’s important to draw a line in the sand and stick to it so that you don’t over-extend yourself. Know when to say yes and when to say no, be realistic about what you can and cannot do (both at work and at home) and ask for help when you need it.2) Take One Hour a Day for Yourself. Once you’ve set boundaries, build in time for yourself. There will always be one more work task to finish, kids who need to be picked up from school or family members who need caring for. Taking the time for yourself gives you the strength to give time to everything, and everyone, else. Define what self-care means to you and schedule that hour into your calendar if you must. It could be reading a book, doing yoga or going for a daily walk — whatever it is, it has to be something you’re doing just for you.3) Celebrate your Successes. Too often, we get caught up in the daily to-do list that we forget to be proud of what we accomplished. Take the time to congratulate yourself for the effort that went into achieving the success (whether at work or at home) and revel in a job well done before moving on to the next task. Celebrating every success helps fill your cup and is an important step towards achieving work-life balance.Life is busy, but finding a balance between work and life is important for both professional and personal success. It will not only keep you from stretching yourself too thin but will also help you move your career ahead.