There are many articles that talk about what to do or say during an interview—including here in in our Hub—but what about things you should NEVER say or ask in a job interview? To help you make a good impression at your next interview, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things to avoid asking or doing.

  1. Don’t ask about salary, vacation, bonuses or anything related to benefits. Once you’ve been offered the job, then it is okay to discuss these things.
  2. Don’t use slang when speaking. (For example, don’t use words such as dude, yeah, that’s cool, and yeah man.) And definitely don’t use bad or offensive language.
  3. Don’t boast about yourself. It’s okay to talk about your accomplishments but remember to be humble.
  4. Don’t flirt with your interviewer no matter how attractive or friendly they may be.
  5. Don’t talk about your personal life, such as your marital status, how many children you have or whether you are pregnant.
  6. Never say you don’t have a weakness if asked for one. Be prepared for that question with an answer that doesn’t directly affect your job in any way.
  7. Never speak negatively about your previous job, manager or co-workers. Talking negatively about others only makes you look bad.
  8. Never settle for just “yes or no” answers to “yes or no” questions. Always explain your answer by using an example.
  9. Never tell your interviewer that you are interviewing with other companies. It shows that you might not be serious and may be using them as a back up in case you don’t get the other job.
  10. Never go into an interview without being prepared to ask your interviewer a question or two as well. Not asking questions could be interpreted as a lack of confidence to ask questions or that you don’t care enough to ask.