Corporate Engagement

ACCES Employment works with a number of companies across the Greater Toronto Area who are interested in volunteering their time, supporting our programs, hiring our candidates and also sponsorship and donation opportunities.

Here are a few ways that you can engage with our organization:

  • Guest Speaking:

    Are you or a team member interested in volunteering and sharing your knowledge with our jobseekers? ACCES works with new Canadians who are often looking for their first career opportunity in Canada. If you have knowledge and expertise in specific job areas, we invite you to join us for a guest speaking session to share what you know.

picture of a woman speaking in front of projector screen
  • Speed Mentoring®:

    Do you want to engage your team in an energizing volunteer experience? Speed Mentoring and
    Speed Mentoring en Francais provide an excellent team-building exercise where your company can volunteer as a group of mentors to provide advice and share what you know with our jobseekers. Over 100 companies across the Greater Toronto Area have volunteered at these events to support new Canadians with their job search.

picture of people at a speed mentoring session
  • Supporting a specific program:

    ACCES offers support to jobseekers from various sectors through industry-focused programs and advisory committees. If you are interested in contributing your expertise to a specific program, we invite you to contact us for more information.

picture of two people talking at a warehouse
  • Sponsorship Opportunities and Donations:

    ACCES works with a number of funders and corporate sponsors to support the delivery of our innovative programs. Sponsors are acknowledged and recognized on our website, print material, social media pages as well as our in-person locations.