Diversity in Canadian Workplaces Initiative

About the Project

ACCES Employment’s Diversity in Canadian Workplaces Initiative, funded by Canadian HeritageOpens in new tab icon, is an innovative project that examines barriers and challenges faced by racial minorities in Canadian workplaces as they move through various phases of employment (hiring, retention and career mobility).

The project identifies and delivers strategies for addressing these barriers and challenges by working collaboratively with employers to develop solutions that will help their workplaces and teams to strengthen their diversity and inclusion practices.

The project aligns with ACCES’s vision of achieving a fully inclusive labour force that reflects the diversity, skills and experiences of Canada’s population.

Project Activities:

  • Employer roundtable discussions
  • Employee surveys (racial minorities and newcomers)
  • Development and Delivery of diversity and inclusion training workshops
  • Paper publications


Project Goals and Outcomes

For Employers
  • Exchanging best practices, strategies and ideas between employers
  • Implementing diversity and inclusion strategies in the day-to-day workplace culture and practices
  • Ongoing engagement of small and medium sized employers (including those who did not participate in the project)
For Employees
  • Improving recruitment, retention and career mobility
  • Reducing experiences of discrimination, bias and exclusion
  • Enhancing participation in the Canadian economy and social life


For more information about this project or to get involved, please contact the project manager. Opens in new tab icon