Miguel A. Lopez

Miguel A. Lopez

SciCan Canada

Miguel A. Lopez. is a Supply Chain and Operations management professional with more than 25 years’ experience in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industry. Miguel migrated from Mexico in 2006 and secured his first job in Canada as a Supply Chain consultant for Accenture Canada through ACCES Employment.

Since then, Miguel has volunteered with ACCES in a number of different capacities including developing class exercises for the Supply Chain Connections program, serving on the Supply Chain Connections Advisory Committee, participating in numerous Speed Mentoring Events including the Connectors program and numerous times as guest speaker for the Supply Chain Connections Program. He was subsequently selected as the Walk of Fame Alumni Champion in 2015.

Miguel currently works as the General Manager|VP of Operations for Coltene-SciCan, Coltene-SciCan has hired ACCES alumni in the areas of Purchasing, Demand Planning and Industrial Engineering as well as developing and mentoring professionals from India, Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria, the Philippines and China among many in the areas of Supply Chain, Purchasing and Operations management. Miguel has a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering, a master’s degree in Sciences and an MBA from the Laurier School of Business and Economics at the Toronto campus.

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