ACCES Employment’s Mentorship for Success Research Receives Funding from The Metcalf Foundation 

Toronto, ON – Spring, 2023 – ACCES Employment, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to helping newcomers and individuals facing barriers to employment, is pleased to announce the launch of a new research project: Mentorship for Success. This project has received funding from The Metcalf Foundation and aims to assess how funding can most effectively be utilized to create purposeful mentorship opportunities for low-income and newcomer entrepreneurs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The Mentorship for Success initiative will explore the crucial need for ongoing mentorship support beyond the initial training phase. While there are service providers in the GTA who offer valuable mentorship assistance during the early stages of entrepreneurship, there is a lack of sustained support as individuals begin to operate and grow their businesses. This gap in mentorship poses a significant risk to the survival and success of low-income and newcomer entrepreneurs.

As the project lead, ACCES is bringing together several partner organizations to conduct a comprehensive review of existing mentorship models for entrepreneurs, as well as those benefiting other unique groups. The research will involve surveys, interviews, and focus group discussions to collect primary evidence from a diverse range of entrepreneurs and business owners, including youth, women, racialized individuals, newcomers, and those with a history of mental health and/or addictions.

The network of partner organizations includes Access Community Capital Fund, Business in the Streets, North York Community House, Rise Asset Development, Scadding Court Community Centre, YSpace (York University), and United Way Greater Toronto. These partners offer valuable expertise, extensive networks, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of distinct, low-income entrepreneur groups. Through collaboration, the project aims to identify gaps and best practices in funding mentorship for entrepreneurs, develop optimal methods of funding mentorship supports, and provide recommendations to municipal, provincial, and federal funders.

The findings of the Mentorship for Success project will be presented in a final report, which will be shared with The Metcalf Foundation, service providers, stakeholders in the ecosystem, and funders. The report will highlight the importance of sustained mentorship for entrepreneurs and provide actionable recommendations to improve start-up and survival rates for new businesses.

ACCES Employment is grateful to The Metcalf Foundation for their generous support and for sharing our vison on the importance of supporting low-income and newcomer entrepreneurs in the GTA.


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