Biyanka Hettigoda

Biyanka Hettigoda arrived in Canada in February 2020, just a few weeks before Ontario entered its first COVID-19 lockdown. Biyanka came to Canada with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance and limited experience as an internal audit trainee. She struggled to find a position in her field that harnessed her skills. After applying to various jobs here in Canada with no luck at all, her friends suggested that she contact ACCES Employment.   When it came to looking for a job in Canada, Biyanka admits that she didn’t know where to start or how to get an interview. She soon joined the Destination Employment Program at ACCES where she worked closely with an Employment Consultant and an Employer Liaison to polish her soft skills. She also focused on developing a resume that better reflected her abilities, knowledge and education. Biyanka found the program’s one-on-one sessions and mock interviews especially beneficial in helping her prepare for various […]

Arun Teja Aryasomayajula

With a master’s degree in construction management, Arun Teja Aryasomayajula left his position as a senior planning engineer in India to come to Canada in July 2020. Arun came here in search of a better life, seeking to improve his standard of living and achieve a healthier work-life balance.   A highly educated engineer with experience in mass transit projects, Arun focused his job search on the construction industry, hoping to work as a project scheduler for infrastructure projects, an area which aligns with his existing transit expertise. Although highly qualified, Arun soon realized that he lacked the necessary professional network within Canada.   A friend and recent alum recommended the ACCES Employment Engineering Connections program, which helps internationally trained engineering professionals succeed in the Canadian labour market.   Arun attributes his success to the program’s resume and cover letter guidance as […]

Akash Adhvaryu

Akash Adhvaryu came to Canada from India in February 2020 seeking better work opportunities and an improved quality of life. With an M.B.A in marketing and experience working within the consumer goods industry with high profile companies like P&G in India and across the Middle East, Akash set his sights on a related position in Canada. Akash arrived in Canada as the global pandemic struck and found it challenging to find a suitable position that matched his public relations (PR) experience . He soon found that Canadian resume styles, job search techniques, and interviews were very different than what he was used to. His biggest challenge, […]

Sherry Simon

When Sherry Simon arrived in Canada from India in December 2018, she knew that meeting people and building a network would help her adjust to her new country. While volunteering at the  YMCA, Sherry noticed an ACCES flyer posted on one of the boards and decided to seek help with finding employment in Canada.  Sherry was first impressed with the one-to-one attention she received from her Employment Consultant at ACCES. She derived confidence from the positive attitude of the ACCES staff and she learned quickly about desired skills and trends in the Canadian workforce. Through ACCES’s JSW program (Job Search Workshops), she gained insight on a variety of sectors in Canada, developed an effective resume, […]

Mujeebudeen Moulana

Mujeebudeen Moulana came to Canada and worked for 9 years as a Building Superintendent but was laid off in March, 2018. This was a stressful time because Mujeebudeen was married, with a family, and was the only ‘breadwinner’. He is thankful to have been supported by Employment Insurance and, subsequently, the Ontario Works programs.

Johann Marquez

Johann came to Canada as a refugee claimant from Venezuela.  Johann was new to job searching in Canada and joined the Employment Ontario services at ACCES.

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