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Talk English Café

Do you want to practice your English conversation skills? The Talk English Cafe® provides newcomers with an opportunity to enhance and refine their English conversation and workplace communication skills in an informal, café-type setting. These English conversation sessions help participants build fundamental communication skills needed to succeed in the Canadian workplace. Through activities led by a qualified ESL instructor, as well as informal group discussions, participants learn to engage in small talk, work effectively in teams, and gain an understanding of Canadian workplace culture. Participants also practice and enhance their pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

  • Practice your English conversation skills in a relaxed setting
  • Learn workplace communication skills, such as engaging in small talk, understanding cultural differences and building relationships with colleagues/managers
  • Benefit from the guidance of qualified English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor who helps you improve your pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary
  • Enhance your English conversation skills through informal discussion, interaction with others and trainer-directed activities
  • Enjoy complimentary coffee at each session

Talk English Cafe® is sponsored by TD Bank Group.

To learn more about Talk English Cafe®, please call us at 416.921.1800.