ACCES Employment offers a number of mentoring support programs that help connect you to professionals that will support you with your career growth and development. Mentoring can be an important aspect of a successful job search as you connect to new job opportunities that may not be posted online. 

ACCES offers a variety of mentoring programs including both longer term of event-based opportunities. 


"It was through a Speed Mentoring® event at ACCES that I connected with my current employer. ACCES Employment not only presented me the opportunity to connect with my employer, it also prepared me to put my best foot forward."
Majid Kazmi - Speed Mentoring® Participant

"I was connected with an individual who was able to help me strategize for my job search and provide feedback on my interviews in the field of Retail Banking. I was also connected to networking events where I would otherwise not have access. I am genuinely thankful for the efforts of the program team and those with whom I was connected."
Hameed - Connector Program Participant