Connecting to Careers in Advanced Manufacturing is an upskilling program funded by Upskill Canada (powered by Palette Skills) and the Government of Canada. This program helps mid-career workers to launch or advance their career within the advanced manufacturing sector.  This program responds to the advanced manufacturing sector’s urgent need for skilled technicians and positions program participants at the forefront of a high-demand, dynamic industry. This industry-informed program includes technical training, future-proofing, mentoring, coaching, personal branding and employment placement to ensure participants complete training and effectively transition into demand-driven occupations.

Program Components

  • 15 weeks online/onsite (ACCES Employment and Humber College North Campus)

Technical Training (delivered by Humber College)

  • Five self-paced micro-credential online courses featuring Lean Manufacturing; Mechatronic Control Systems; Program Logic Controllers; Electric Motors, Actuators and Drives; and Electric Pneumatics and Hydraulics
  • Pre-scheduled labs onsite at Humber College campus (205 Humber College Boulevard, Etobicoke)

Experiential Learning (hosted by Riipen in collaboration with Humber College and ACCES Employment)

  • Collaborative, employer-led simulated and actual workplace experiences

Targeted Job Search

  • Customized employment services featuring personal branding, networking, interviewing, and social media profiling (pre-scheduled online workshops)

Workplace Communications

  • Customized workplace communications coaching designed to enhance skills specific to teamwork, collaboration, productivity, conflict resolution, receiving and delivering feedback, change management, and industry compliance

Future Proofing

  • Growth Mindset
  • Creative Problem-solving
  • Design Thinking

Personalized Coaching

  • Flexible, one-to-one online sessions focusing on Personal Branding, Goal-Setting, Accountability, Personal Empowerment, and Skills Development


Participants earn 5 distinct micro-credentials which will “stack” to acquire a certificate in Advanced Manufacturing:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Mechatronic Control Systems
  • Program Logic Controllers
  • Electric Motors, Actuators, and Drives
  • Electric Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Program Benefits

Comprehensive Skill Development:

  • Participants will gain a wide range of technical skills through self-paced online courses, resulting in multiple micro-credentials and a sector certification

Real-World Experience:

  • The program offers experiential learning through collaborative group projects, preparing participants for the practical aspects of the advanced manufacturing sector

Career Preparation:

  • Customized employment services assist individuals to develop their personal branding, networking, interviewing, and social media profiling, ensuring they are well-prepared for the job search process

Effective Communication:

  • Pre-scheduled online workshops focus on workplace communication skills, helping participants communicate effectively in professional settings

Adaptability and Problem-Solving:

  • Critical Thinking and Design Thinking workshops equip participants with an ability to adapt to evolving industry demands and generate solutions to workplace challenges

Individual Coaching:

  • Flexible one-to-one online coaching sessions provide personalized support, addressing individual needs and challenges

Industry Connections:

Targeted Jobs:

  • Mechanical Assemblers and Inspectors
  • Central control and process operators, mineral and metal processing
  • Machine operators, mineral and metal processing
  • Metalworking and forging machine operators
  • Machine operators of other metal products
  • Sawmill machine operators
  • Process control and machine operators, food and beverage processing
  • Supervisors:
    • Supervisors, electronics and electrical products manufacturing
    • Supervisors, furniture and fixtures manufacturing
    • Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing
    • Supervisors, other products manufacturing and assembly

Program Eligibility

  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • Mid-career worker
  • OSSD or equivalent and Grade 12 Math
  • Minimum three years of paid or volunteer work experience
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and web applications
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills [equivalent to CLB 7]
  • Keen interest in launching a career in the manufacturing sector
  • Self-motivated with strong goal setting, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills

Program Dates

  • May 6 – August 16, 2024 
  • July 29 – November 8, 2024 
  • November 25 –  March 21, 2025 

Program Fees

There is no fee associated with this program.