The Empowering Women program focuses on supporting newcomer women to be successful in their careers. Through customized workshops, coaching, and mentorship, Empowering Women will provide you with the skills and confidence to become a leader in your sector. We work with internationally trained women in the IT, finance and HR sectors.

Program Components

  • 1-week program
  • One-to-one support from an Employment Consultant who is knowledgeable about the sector
  • Training provided on networking skills, work-life balance, personal brand, interviewing skills, presenting with confidence, and more.

Empowering Women is sponsored by TD Bank Group and KPMG.

Program Benefits

  • Referrals to job openings and connections to employers
  • Access to mentors who are professionals in your field
  • Invitations to attend recruitment and networking events
  • Opportunities to participate in fireside chats with executives, mock-interview sessions and Speed Mentoring® events
  • Post-hire support – job retention, business communication/language coaching

Program Eligibility

  • Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee or Refugee Claimant with a 1-year work permit, Naturalized Canadian Citizen
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in related roles in the Financial Services, Banking, IT, Consultancy and FinTech industries outside of Canada
  • No relevant Canadian work experience

Program Fees

There is no fee associated with this program.