ACCES Employment offers online job search support through a monthly calendar of webinars and an online resource hub (e-ACCES) which includes articles, videos and other tools to help you get started.  Online Services, workshops and programs are meant to provide instant and immediate support to jobseekers as they navigate their job search. 

Online support also allows ACCES to support jobseekers that may not be able to visit our Greater Toronto Area locations, or a preparing for their job search in Canada while they are planning their immigration to Canada. We offer several webinars a month on popular topics related to your job search. Please visit our Events Calendar to register.


"ACCES can help you to develop your soft skills, learn about workplace culture, and prepare for networking events. Continue to build your network in any way you can and good things will happen."
Hardik Patel - ACCES Employment Alum

"We had a bunch of seminars, from how to search for a job to how to prepare for interviews, and a whole lot of education and learning about the various type of professions that you'll find in Canada. I learned how to approach people, networking. ACCES also helped critique my resume, and suggested things to do to make it more efficient. If you have this service and you have this opportunity, please use it."
Emeka - ACCES Employment Alum