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Professional Networking in Canada

For newcomers to Canada, networking is a highly effective way to start a job search and meet professionals who can introduce you to new opportunities. A large percentage of jobs are not advertised, which means that who you know can lead to a number of jobs with employers that are hiring.

The Speed Mentoring® program at ACCES allows individuals to network with professionals in their field, to receive advice about their job search, and meet employer contacts who can refer you to job opportunities. We host over 75 Speed Mentoring® events each year in various sectors.

Speed Mentoring® has been acknowledged in the Globe and Mail as a creative recruitment strategy, and ACCES received a Minister’s Award for Excellence in Service Innovation for Speed Mentoring®.

Program Benefits:

  • Receive industry specific feedback about your resume and interview techniques
  • Gain valuable tips on how to advance your career in Canada
  • Expand your knowledge of Canadian workplace culture
  • Find out what Canadian employers are looking for in an employee
  • Get inspired, informed and connected

The Speed Mentoring® Program is funded by the Government of Canada.

The Speed Mentoring® Program is funded by the Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Propeller Project in the Peel Region. 

To learn more about Speed Mentoring®, please click here to email the Program Manager or call at 416.431.5326.